i love lamp

Built during a color and composition course in my first year of UW's design program. Wire lamp structure covered in both fabric and acrylic Free standing 5ft tall


I include this project in my portfolio because it was my first major project as a design student. The original prompt was to build a lamp that represented the concepts of color and composition that we had learned throughout the quarter. I began sketching and knew that I wanted to build a large free-standing lamp that had a combination of various materials. I had an idea for an x-shaped structure with glowing nodes and attempted to build it for my first critique. 
When I arrived to the critique, my project did not look like my vision and was falling down and breaking light bulbs constantly. There were still a couple of days until the final due date, so I refined the idea down to one half of the x, bought new materials to cover the shape, and photographed it for the final poster (which was the actual turn-in for the assignment). The change was dramatic and I ended up creating something functional as well as visually compelling. 
This project is important to me because it marks the point where I failed and my scrappy nature helped me to rally and create something that I really loved.
This is a sketch of my original concept. I feel that my final project ended up exemplifying the essence of this form in an elegant and more simplified way. 
After building the lamp and making a poster, our final project in the class was to make a book containing all of the visual studies and compositions we designed that quarter. I still have the book sitting on the shelf of my work studio to remind me of the sense of accomplishment that I felt at the end of my first quarter in design school at UW.


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